Flat Coated Retriever Anajsela


We are married couple Jana and Tomáš and our small, family kennel is located in the north of Czech Republic.

We started breeding the Flat Coated Retriever in 2012, when Jana fell in love with Jessica. Due to her optimistic and kind nature, we decided to keep one her liver puppy - Carmen Jolly Subri in 2013. Originally, Carmen was supposed to be just a member of the family, but it happened that since then flatties will walk by our side forever (till death apart us and even after).

Today, in our pack are – acting „Mother Queen“ Carmen, her daughter our zany for-ever-puppy Agnes and black gentleman Ike.

Besides dog shows and canine events, my husband and I are both active dog trainers. I focus on hunting and PAT, therefore my speciality is a gundog and therapy dog training. Tomas is experienced in puppy socialization, good citizen dog scheme, higher obedience and nosework training, and he knows a bit about dog dancing, flyball, agility and dog frisbee. We apply those common experience in early breeding our puppies and supporting their carrers if they need it.

In breeding, we pay particular attention to the health of our dogs and the FCI breed standard is for us more than law. Our litters act as hunting, therapy and even assistance dogs, but above all they are great friends for their wonderful families.
Flat Coated Retriever Anajsela

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